All About Borneo Pygmy Elephant – Facts, Habitat, and Lifecycle

The first thing that is available in any individual’s mind after hearing the title elephant is its colossal measurements. Borneo elephants are actually rather various as they are neither aggressive neither big. They appear like baby elephants even in old age additionally which is challenging to find in additional elephant subspecies.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant Details

DNA evaluation showed that they were stemmed from Sudanic stock yet there is a substantial variation in between as the Borneo elephant was developed as time go on. They had separated from their close family members i.e. Eastern elephants around three thousand years ago and in their advancement procedure, they diminished and also gone through considerable body system changes. Various other essential facts are:

  • – This is the littlest of all elephant subspecies.
  • – Their tail is as long that it often touches ground in standing posture.
  • – Pregnancy period is close to 22 months and also the ordinary young measurements is actually one.
  • – Women Borneo Elephants come to be sexually mature due to the opportunity they arrive at 10 years.
  • – Because of their dimension, the list of all-natural killers is actually confined. Tigers sometimes search Borneo Elephants for food items and human hunting is actually raised in recent days.
  • – Baby elephants measure 100kgs at the time of their birth as well as they rapidly put on weight.
  • – Female elephants remain with mother for longer times whereas male elephant adores to lead a private lifestyle after getting to five.
  • – Seasonal transfer patterns are actually observed and the senior one in the herd shows the course to others.
  • – Commonly transfer designs may be noted between completely dry as well as moist seasons and because of this movement only planters often fuss that these elephants are ruining their fields.
  • – In the opinion of researchers, they lessened with opportunity.
  • – They can easily attain a rate of 43kmph and no individual on earth can defeat them in managing.
  • – The ivory tusks of these elephants possess fantastic need and also is actually the main reason why poachers are looking.
  • – As per 2007-08 demographics, populace of Borneo Elephants remains in the series of 1000-1500.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant Diet

Based upon the meals design, they happen under herbivore group as they depend on plants for their meals. Their size itself exposes the food quantity they consume every day. Their long trunk is incredibly beneficial in acquiring fruit products, leaves, grasses etc. They also eat bark and also nuts to meet their dietary requirements.

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They mostly live in woods. They come under risked type in the ICUN reddish list and also their population is frequently minimizing. Even Malaysian government is actually trying their level best to shield Borneo Elephants.

They are disciplining regulation lawbreakers with RM50, 000 penalty and 5 year jail time. Individual advancements as well as minimize in habitation because of logging is triggering serious problems in their lifestyle. Over the last 3 creations, their population decreased by one-half which is startling.


They are actually even more delicate and caring when compared to other elephant subspecies. Their important behavior elements are actually certainly not yet understood fully and researches are actually utilizing various methods like suitable broadcast dog collars etc. to determine additional concerning them.

If they are actually maintained alone, elephants live merrily by forming herds and they experience depression and also various other emotional troubles. Some analysts still strongly believe that these elephants are offspring of now died out Espresso elephants yet there are actually no reputable verifications to verify so.


They are tame and passive. They make an effort to stay clear of human connect with as high as achievable but their habitat devastation is forcing them to come closer to people. They establish teams and also reside in harmony. Borneo Elephants are actually even more active when compared to many other elephant subspecies. They like to stray around their natural habitat and also their in season migrations patterns will definitely help them in sustaining excellent physique.

On average, they stroll close 25-30 miles every day. They are actually somewhat effortless to educate. Though their intellect levels are reduced reviewed to various other elephants, they are actually being used forhauling logs.In general; elephants are one of the best smart animals on earth.


This critter comes to be procreative at the grow older of 10. On breeding, they expect about twenty full weeks as well as give birth to off spring seasons. After giving birth as well as start maturing, the women stick with its mom while the male breaks off.


Being on best the food web as mentioned over, they carry out certainly not deal with so much threat. Main killers may be the cougars as well as the people.


Mating develops throughout the time period of ovulation. The gestation gets about 22 week. The mommy can have approximately one off spring.

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Borneo Pygmy Elephant Appearance.

They are much smaller when reviewed to any other elephant subspecies. They have somewhat longer tail and big ears as well as their child face is tough to dismiss. No significant variations were actually monitored between hostage and also crazy Borneo elephants. Their elevation and also body weight varieties join the variety of 72-90% of normal elephants. They stand up 7 to 10 shoes high as well as they weigh in the assortment of6, 500– 11,000 pounds.

Identical to elephants present in all various other regions, Borneo elephants are likewise observed in gray different colors. The back cord of Borneo Elephant is actually curvier and tusks can’t be actually noted in ladies.

Life Span.

They may live up to 65 years. Some might meet 70 years. This may be achievable if they possess the appropriate foods items and also live off of threat.

Health and wellness Issues.

Wellness associated concerns are actually much more usual in elephants under individual bondage than untamed elephants. Since of sickness is actually really low in scenario of Borneo elephants, the variety of deaths. Arthritis as well as foot abscesses are commonly seen concerns in captivity. Consumption is actually rarely found in Borneo elephants.


Since of their measurements, it is actually difficult to clean all of them. They choose staying near to water and also spread water (bathe) on their body whenever possible. Their child deals with appears attractive even with no makeup.


This wonderful pet does not drop. It possesses a difficult skin layer. This skin has very little hairs.

Borneo Elephant Information.

  1. The total label is Borneo Elephant.
  2. It is likewise well-liked as Borneo Pygmy Elephant and also Elephas Maximus Borneensis.
  3. They are native to Borneo Isle.
  4. They are actually smaller sized than African elephants.
  5. They concern Elephantidae loved ones.
  6. Their typical expectation of life resides in the series of 60– 75 years.
  7. They are prettiest elephants with little one encounters.
  8. Female Borneo Elephant may mature to 3 gauges.
  9. Male Borneo Elephant height resides in the series of 7 to 10 feet.
  10. They weigh in between 3000– 5000kgs.
  11. They are actually typically found in grey different colors. Brown gray and black gray are actually rarely found.
  12. They are ruled out as dogs.

They appear like infant elephants also in old grow older also which is actually challenging to observe in different elephant subspecies.

Borneo Elephants are actually extra active when matched up to numerous other elephant subspecies. Their intelligence amounts are actually low compared to other elephants, they are being used forhauling logs.In general; elephants are actually one of the most intelligent creatures on planet.

Comparable to elephants current in all various other locations, Borneo elephants are also observed in grey colour. Health and wellness related issues are actually much more common in elephants under human captivity than untamed elephants.


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